Back Pain

Back PainYou do not have to live with it.

Back pain is very common. Up to 85 per cent of people are affected with it at some time in their lives and the problem leads to 13 million lost working days a year – the most frequent cause of days lost from work apart from the common cold.

Many factors contribute to back pain including poor posture, incorrect lifting technique, overuse or trauma and prolonged sitting. Age, gender and genetics can also influence the risk. Back pain is rarely a symptom of a tumour or infection.

As with neck pain the severity of the problem can be wide ranging but most cases can be dealt effectively with a tailored treatment plan. This may involve chiropractic treatment alone, or include the help of other specialists such as a neurologist, pain specialist, acupuncturist, nutritionist or personal trainer.

Bowel or bladder incontinence or losing function in both legs require an urgent surgical consultation; please see your GP or the accident and emergency department as soon as possible.

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