Chiropractic exam


Detecting The Cause Of Pain

At inc-HEALTH, our chiropractors are trained in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal pain. This includes the identification of significant joint and muscle dysfunction, faulty movement patterns and joint problems. A Chiropractor must recognise the limit of their knowledge, skills and competencies. Where appropriate when your Chiropractor identifies an or suspects an uncommon but potentially severe disorder they will advise you to seek a referral for the appropriate treatment via your GP or other medical specialists. Accordingly, both consultation and treatment are only performed with clinical justification and following the best research and clinical guidelines

History Taking

This involves a detailed discussion of your pain history and other health problems. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire related to your pain. By obtaining comprehensive information, the chiropractor can establish a diagnosis and in most cases rule out more serious problems – that may warrant a referral back to your GP. And focus the examination on the area that is most likely to be causing the pain.

In most cases, after we have gone through and understood your history, examined your physical state, and concluded any further tests, we can establish a diagnosis.

Once we have determined that we can treat your problem at inc-HEALTH, we will formulate and recommend a treatment strategy. This strategy will be discussed with you in detail to ensure you understand it and all other options available.


The physical examination helps establish the cause of your problem. It involves an assessment of movement patterns, activities that may give you pain but also relieve the pain, palpation of joints of the spine, but also of muscles.

A neurologic and orthopaedic exam stresses nerves and joints further and helps give an accurate evaluation of your specific problem.


Occasionally, it may be necessary to obtain advanced testing such as X-rays, CT scan or MRI to establish if a structural problem is the cause of your pain. Blood tests, urine analysis or other physical tests may also be required to investigate the issue further.

We can refer you to the appropriate imaging facilities, though this is not ordinarily available through the NHS.

 Report of Findings

Once your complaint has been discussed and examined, you will be told what our assessment revealed, whether you could benefit from Chiropractic care and care options. You will be given information about alternative ways of care. Any risk or benefits associated with Chiropractic care will also be discussed. At each session we use the best available evidence to develop a treatment regime that accounts for your current state of health and health needs, minimising any risk to you. Any decision is ultimately yours as to which options of care you feel is right for you