Developmental Delay Syndrome

inc Health chiropractor Developmental Delay SyndromeBehavioural and learning problems are on the increase. Dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention problems or hyperactivity affect at least one in five children. These are not diseases but just symptoms of an underlying problem. Conventional treatment does not address the underlying causes and drugs often give rise to unpleasant side effects. Problems persist into adulthood in two out of three cases.

These and other symptoms such as obsessive-compulsive behaviour, Tourette’s and Asperger’s syndromes and even mild autism are also associated with what is called Developmental Delay Syndrome.

A New Approach
Latest research shows the areas of the brain that may be responsible and even why these areas fail to develop properly. Complex relationships between the parts of the brain that deal with co-ordination, understanding and emotional control, for instance, mean that failure of one area to develop has serious consequences for the other parts.

It has been known for some time that the two sides of the brain must “talk to each other” for activities such as reading normally. If one side of the brain develops more slowly, problems can occur. We now know that this delay is most likely on the right side of the brain.

Certain traits tend to run in families. If there is a family history on the mother’s side or more especially the father’s side, then it is much more likely that a child will be affected. Developmental Delay Syndrome is more likely to affect boys.

Although genes play a role, the environment is even more important. The brain needs body movement and physical exercise to develop properly. Long periods sitting in front of the television or computer slow down vital neurological stimulation and affect many different brain areas.

Diet plays a role too. The brain is 60% fat and it needs high quality fats and oils to grow healthily. Margarines and other artificial fats can be detrimental. Good vitamin and mineral intake is important too, and it is important to limit additives, colourings and allergy-producing foods.

What We Can Do
New approaches to treating the underlying causes mean greater success and quicker improvements. We take a thorough medical history, uncovering important details that have often been overlooked. We carry out a sophisticated neurological examination and other computer-based assessments that help determine the causes of dysfunction.

Each child with Developmental Delay Syndrome is unique so an individual program is proposed to stimulate the correct part of the neurological system. The programme will often involve:

  •         Home-based computer exercises
  •         Sensory stimulation
  •         Simple yet specific physical activities
  •         Chiropractic treatment
  •         Diet and nutrition recommendations

As parents you will be involved in motivating and guiding your child through the programme. Regular re-assessments demonstrate measurable changes which show the treatment is working.

Most children show improvements within a few weeks. The number of re-assessments required varies depending on the severity of the symptoms and age of the child. We will discuss this before treatment starts.

We want to give your child the best start in life by unlocking their potential using the latest techniques to improve brain function. We look forward to taking that journey with you.