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Could chiropractic care offer relief from your migraines?


There are a large number of people around the world who suffer from migraines. It can be hard to find a form of relief that works, and many people end up depending on painkillers. But, could the chiropractors West London relies on to provide help?

What Are They?

Migraines are typically a moderate or severe throbbing form of pain that occurs on one side of the head. It can be accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, blurred vision, nausea and also vomiting. Some people even have precursors, or auras, which act as “warnings”. There is no known cause for migraines, but stressors or triggers can bring them on or worsen the symptoms.

A Safe Alternative To Drugs

Many people worry about taking pain medication and potential side effects. It may be because they are strong, or because of the fear of taking them too regularly. Chiropractic is helpful in this way as the work we do is safe and gentle, yet fruitful. Through the use of an initial examination, we look at your health to see if you could benefit from sessions with us. The diagnosis also helps us to tailor treatments to you.

A common treatment we use is spinal adjustments. They could help to fix subluxations or misalignments in the spine. When these happen, they can interfere with blood flow, affect your nervous system communication, and irritate nerves. Chiropractic could provide treatment to improve your body as a whole and help you to relax.

Book An Initial Exam Now

Not only do we assist in the form of sessions, but our treatments look at your lifestyle too. Various factors such as stress and diet could worsen your pain, so making changes could benefit your health. A chiropractor may also be able to assist with other forms of headache too. This can include tensions that occur from stress and pressure on the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

We enjoy working with people to help them feel better. To find out more, contact inc-HEALTH for the chiropractors West London loves. We work on many issues to get you feeling as great as possible.