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The treatments that we offer in London, Westminster, Victoria and Kensington

One of the major advantages of chiropractic care is that it allows you to receive care without the need for medicine. Chiropractic care focuses on treating the problem at the source of the pain rather than providing generic medication in an attempt to mask the pain in the hope that the problem will repair itself. Whatever your problem is, you can be assured that our highly trained team will provide you with thorough and comprehensive treatment for the problem.

One of our treatments is based on muscle relaxation and stimulation. Tense muscles can contribute significantly to the pain of a bad back or neck, so helping them to relax and release can help to decrease the pain felt substantial. In contrast, weak muscles may be unable to bear the load of the body and thus can cause a lot of pain, especially if these muscles are in the lower back where weight needs to be carried effectively. Using precise massages and techniques, we can help specific muscles to relax, or we can stimulate them. Similarly, we can provide spinal manipulation that can help with restricted joints and vertebrae, restoring motion to them to help release them and prevent exacerbating the injury.

Stabilisation/Sensorimotor training is also another area of treatment that we specialise in. This is a more active approach to healing that involves a series of exercises that helps with the movement of your body, supporting the function of key parts of your body such as the back, neck and shoulder that can allow you to function and carry yourself more effectively. In a similar vein, we can also advise you on rehabilitative exercises. These exercises are vital in recovering from the actual core problem as they aid in tissue healing and also improve both function and stability.

Manual therapy is also available. This is perhaps the most common therapy that chiropractors can provide. By manipulating the joints and vertebrae, a chiropractor can help to release stiffened joints and restore some measure of mobility to them. They can also help to target muscles and ensure that they aren’t too weak, too tense or otherwise interfering with the ordinary function of your body. Manual therapy can help to relieve problems such as sciatica and provide a much more targeted way of reducing pain and healing the problem rather than using medicine. Massage provides you with an extensive program to help target any long-term problems to ensure a full recovery. We can also provide you with general workplace and life advice, providing you with advice on maintaining the correct posture and addressing any problems you are suffering from to prevent those problems from occurring again.

If you need professional chiropractors in Westminster, you can be assured that we will provide tailor-made treatments for you. We will do all we can to treat the pain, and our full range of treatments allows us to treat practically any musculoskeletal problem that you’re suffering from, whether it’s a condition such as sciatica or a migraine or simple back and neck pain.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch today. Our team includes some of the most highly trained chiropractors London has to offer. This means you can expect professional, personal care every time.