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Complaint Leaflet 

Complaint Leaflet 


At inc-HEALTH, we want you to be satisfied with our service. While a rare occurrence, if you have a complaint, we would like to hear from you at the earliest opportunity. Our practice complaints procedure conforms to national guidelines to help solve any issues quickly.

How to Complain
Most problems are best addressed at the time that they arise by speaking to your practitioner, who hopefully will be able to resolve any concerns to your satisfaction. However, if you wish to make a more formal complaint in writing, then please contact us as soon as possible, giving as much detail as you can, and ideally within a few days of the issue occurring so that we can address the matter promptly and effectively.

In the first instance, complaints should be addressed to Ida Nørgaard, Buckingham Court, 78 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6PE, Tel: 020 7931 9572, Email: ida@inc-health.co.uk. Alternatively please speak to Carole Christie, the practice manager, on the above phone number or email her at
info@inc-health.co.uk. Following national guidelines, please note that the maximum period for looking into a complaint is six months from the date on which the issue occurred.

The Action We Will Take
We aim to acknowledge a complaint within two working days and to respond in full or to arrange a meeting within ten working days.

Complaining on Behalf of Someone Else
We observe strict rules of confidentiality. If someone is complaining on your behalf, we will require written authorisation from you so that they can act on your behalf.

Where Else Can I Complain?
If your complaint relates to an individual chiropractor practitioner and you are not satisfied that your claim has been dealt with properly, in the first instance, you should contact the British Chiropractic Association, 59 Castle Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7SN, Tel: 0118 950 5950, Email:
enquiries@chiropractic-uk.co.uk, who will investigate the complaint on your behalf. If the complaint remains unresolved, you can refer the matter in writing to the chiropractic profession’s statutory regulator, the General Chiropractic Council, 44 Wicklow Street, London, WC1X 9HL, Tel: 020 7713 5155, www.gcc-uk.org, whose Investigating Committee will pursue the


Patients Details Complainants Details if different
Surname Surname
First Name First Name
Address Address
Contac Telephone Contact Telephone
Date of Birth Relationship to Patient
Usual Practitioner

I ______________________________________________ hereby authorise the attached complaint to be made on my behalf by ________________________________________________ and I agree the Practice may disclose confidential information about me which I have provided to the insofar as it is necessary to answer the complaint

Patients Signature _________________________________ Date_________________________

We are sorry that you feel you have cause for complaint. So that we may investigate this for you can you provide details of the complaint along with any other information that you may feel may be relevant? Please feel free to use either side of this form or attach a letter. Complaints in writing should be signed and dated by the complainant.