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Four things you should know about chiropractic

People unfamiliar with chiropractic may find it intimidating. We want to put you at ease. The truth is treatments have many benefits, and you can look forward to improvements in your health. Also, you get high-quality care when you visit our chiropractors in  London, Westminster and Kensington.

It Is Safe

A huge misconception about our work is how people think it is dangerous. Countless pieces of research have found it to be safe. Despite the gentleness of our approach, it is still very effective. Of course, the rare adverse reactions do occur, but this is no different than any other form of healthcare.

There are low risks, even for infants and pregnant women.

We Don’t Start Treatment Straight Away

We don’t dive into treatments without the right planning. Instead, we look at your movement, body and health. Also, we discuss why you have come to us and what help it is that you are looking for. By examining you and taking medical issues into account, we can find the most appropriate approach. If we discover less than optimal function, we will try and fix it. This is because it can reduce the risk of issues later on.

There Is A Lot To It

Back pain is the most significant cause of a visit to a chiropractor, but that doesn’t mean that it is all we can help with. Other pains can be in the neck, and we may also help alleviate some headaches. On top of pain relief, those in good health may benefit. Many people experience a boost to the immune system as well as increases in flexibility and movement or quicker recovery after exercise.

It’s Ideal For Many People

We have briefly covered this, but chiropractic is healthcare that is perfect for many people. Professionals often work with infants to try and reduce colic or help them settle. Also, we help children because they are growing and generally very active. We can treat ailments in adults up to the elderly, including conditions like arthritis. Even those who are pregnant might be able to enjoy a reduction in aches and pains.

Why you should care about your posture

Most people have had someone tell them at some point in their life that they need to stand and sit up straight. What they don’t hear though is why it is important to have good posture. As the chiropractors, London trusts we can not only tell you why but also how to maintain healthy postures.

Influential On Your Health

Your posture is how you hold your body. The spine plays a huge role in health, comfort and bodily functions. By bettering how you stand, sit, sleep and walk, you are minimising strain on this area as well as surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This provides many benefits, including reducing the chance of injury.

Over time, bad posture habits such as hunching over can cause problems for you. This may be:

– Increased risk of injury (i.e. a herniated disk)
– Neck, shoulder, and back pain
– Decreased flexibility as well as restricted joint mobility
– Poor balance
– Digestion issues
– Breathing difficulties
– Pain

Changes To Make

It isn’t that people consciously have poor posture. Instead, habits develop over time and can be hard to break. Another significant cause has an incorrect set up at a computer desk. If you do not put thought into the arrangement, you could be encouraging yourself to slouch.

Good posture requires you to care for the three natural curvatures of your spine. This is at the neck with the cervical spine, in the mid-back with your thoracic spine, and in your lower back with your lumbar spine. You must remember this both when standing and sitting.

If you are standing your head should be above your shoulders. In turn, the latter should be above your hips. The ideal stance is to have your feet roughly shoulder-width apart. Sitting requires you to keep your neck long. Keeping the front of your seat slightly lower than the back will help you keep it straight and not slouch. You should also get up regularly to stretch.

Many factors affect your posture. We can help you establish these and what to do next. We can provide you with specialist advice alongside a tailored treatment plan. This will help to improve your posture and try to reduce any negative health issues you may be experiencing, such as pain.

The friendly environment here at inc-HEALTH is why we are the leading chiropractors you can trust. If you have an interest in our work, reach out today. We can book you an appointment or provide further advice in London, Westminster, Kensington.

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