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Health Practitioner

Ian S., Corrective Exercise Therapist

“I had a problem with my knee and shoulder following a car accident 20 years ago. On impact my head hit the windscreen and twisted my body.

“I went to physiotherapists and various chiropractors but nothing really helped. Last year I met Ida on a chiropractic course and I began treatment with her in June last year. She has helped me create stability in the joints and I have seen a real improvement as a result.”

Leah S., Chiropractor

“I developed problems in my back and pelvis while training as a chiropractor. I would end up aching and very uncomfortable at the end of the day. I couldn’t do sport, and had lots of pain in my left hip.

“I discovered Ida on a training course and have been working with her since last August. She has worked with me to get my body strong and out of pain again. She is the only therapist who looked at me as a whole. She also provided me with the framework to help myself with home-based exercises.”