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It’s our job to treat everyone who is suffering due to muscle or joint complications. The challenge with these ailments is that conventional medicine might not work because it does not target the underlying cause. A more functional approach may be the best option. We employ the greatest chiropractors Westminster has to help you recover.

There’s more to improving your core than just getting a six-pack. Many people experience back pain at some point. A huge part of this has to do with weak core muscles. These soft tissues work with one another like a belt. Together, they support the back, shoulders and hips. Therefore it is important to look after them and ensure they are strong.

The following are ways strengthening your core can assist with back support.

Less pain

Strengthening core muscles aids in minimising pain. Specific exercises can help with this, providing better returns than general exercise, normal medical treatment, or no treatment at all. Our chiropractors can give you help and create an exercise plan that targets the right muscle groups.


A strong core can improve your stability too. It strengthens a trio of systems. The first is the neutral, which includes the spinal cord and brain. Next, we have the active, which has the muscles and tendons. Finally, there’s the passive. This is the ligaments and bone.

People with low back pain are less likely to use their core muscles. As a result they have less strength. With enough stability, you can help yourself alleviate low back pain.


Core muscles are vital to improving your posture as well. If they are weak they contribute to slouching. By focusing on them and making them stronger however, you’ll have fewer problems.

At inc-HEALTH, we can provide you with plenty of information relating to strengthening exercises. We feel that this is equally as important as supplying our treatments. With the right knowledge, people can take better care of their bodies. Come to the best chiropractors Westminster has for this information and the right support.

If there is something we can do for you, feel free to contact us. Appointments are available and you’ll see fully trained chiropractors every time.