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Leave neck cracking to the professional chiropractor 

Known as “cracking joints”, almost everyone is familiar with the popping noise that comes from moving around sometimes. Part of our role as the chiropractors in London, Westminster and Kensington trusts is helping you understand how to stay safe. You may not think it is dangerous, but some people use methods that can cause issues for their health.
Too Far
If you move and your joints crack on their own, this is perfectly fine. So long as you are not forcing your body to experience it there is no harm. This happens to a large number of people when going about their daily activities. It is when people put effort into making it happen that brings on problems.
If you pull and twist your neck, especially with your hands, you can strain the muscles. There are other possible ways to harm yourself as well. This includes damaging the area by going beyond the normal range of movement. Also, adjusting the wrong vertebrae can lead to the need for more adjustments for misalignments. If a subluxated disc is the cause of your issue, you can pull this in the wrong direction and make the problem more serious.
Gentle stretches are the only approach people should be taking, such as moving your head side to side. Chiropractors are knowledgeable about this area though so they can assist you. This includes working on affected joints and advising on appropriate exercises to allow you to feel better. These methods may be an effective solution to discomfort. In addition, they are safe.
A Better Way
If you are often experiencing a problem with your neck, you need the right treatment. You will likely not be doing anything effective about the issue on your own. When you call on us though, an adjustment at the hands of a chiropractor may be able to help rid you of it.
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