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Are you looking for an alternative form of pain relief?

From injuries to medical conditions, and whether it is short or long term, no one wants to experience pain. We have come to understand this in our role as chiropractors in London, Kensington and Westminster. Many people believe that their only option is to use pain killers. Whether they’re strong or over the counter, depending on these is not always the best option. You must be aware of all the avenues available.

Why chiropractic treatment?

There can be a lot of reasons people might seek pain relief in different forms. They include:

– The method they’re using isn’t working
– Worry about addiction to pain killers
– Concerns about the side effects and safety of medication
– Want to reduce the pain from the source
– Additional benefits from the treatment

One of the many options open to you includes effective chiropractic treatments at Inc-Health.


Our service might be the perfect thing for you. It is gentle yet also effective for a range of complaints. Part of this is due to the initial examination we do to see if you could benefit. At the same time, we look at your issue and medical history to work out the best course of action.

There is no medication involved in our work. Instead, we look into different methods to manage your issue. This way, we can work to try and get rid of the pain you’re experiencing at the source as fast as possible. You will also receive expert advice on other aspects of your life. By making changes to your lifestyle, you may be able to make a significant impact on your health.

On top of treatments, chiropractic can also be used to improve your posture and increase your range of motion. Our work is safe enough for the young, elderly and pregnant so get in touch with inc-HEALTH to find out more.