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Performing Artists

Singers, actors, acrobats, speakers and lawyers know how their work can affect their bodies. Voices may be affected by tension, bad posture and poor breathing. 

Tension from repetitive movements, rehearsals or hanging upside down during filming may also cause discomfort in joints and muscles. 

Dancers, both hip-hop, ballet and modern, also regularly seek her care, often as a result of overworking for a role, or when suffering from a restricted joint or movement.  

Chiropractic care may help overcome the pre-performance tension in muscles or joints prior to and during performances. Ida, at inc-HEALTH treats professional opera singers, pop singers, musicians and theatre and TV actors as well as amateur performers, and she also helps voice coaches and singing instructors. Chiropractic care may help ease the symptoms. Treatment is always tailored to your specific needs, and techniques are gentle and safe. 

A wide range of techniques, such as hands-on manipulation and soft tissue therapy, together with a ground-breaking rehabilitation method called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, can produce fast and long-standing results by helping the body to move properly.