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Pregnant Mothers and Babies

Brook C., 37, Mother of two

“My two-year-old son, S., has cystic fibrosis and until he met Ida he such little strength he couldn’t even hug me. By the end of his first session with her he gave me a hug for the first time. It was amazing.

“Ida has been looking after S. for a year now. Doctors and consultants were not sure how he would develop and were not able to give us confidence about his future.

“When he came to Ida his inner core was particularly weak due to an operation on his tummy at birth to remove a blockage. Ida started with a little boy that could barely roll, crawl or sit up, but as a result of her hard work he has now met all his milestones for his age. He can climb, walk flat on his feet and has improved core strength. Ida is amazing.”