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Ole L., Social Media Marketing Consultant

“I have been seeing a chiropractor since I was twelve years old due to a deformity in my spine which can ‘lock out’, giving me pain in my back and down my legs.

“When I moved to London from Copenhagen four years ago I continued to travel back to my chiropractor in Denmark until I heard about Ida.

“I was a bit hesitant to see her at first. People rarely switch chiropractors unless they are really unhappy with them.
But during our first session a year ago I realised there was something different about her. She adjusted my spine so was instantly pain free and she has corrected some of my posture problems to keep me from going into pain.

“She cannot cure my deformity, but she has helped me avoid an operation and has kept me almost pain free.”

Sharon D., Property Developer

Sharon was recommended to Ida by her husband, an obstetrician, after she developed back problems. Sharon had been on crutches for two months following a scorpion bite on her right foot while she was on holiday in Greece four years previously. The bite became infected and Sharon needed an operation. Although her foot had now recovered, walking with the foot pain and crutches, severely affected her posture and she developed back pain. Over the course of several months Ida managed to realign her body and Sharon now does daily exercises to keep the back pain at bay.

Her eight-year-old daughter and her husband also visit Ida regularly as they too have back problems related to posture. “I think she has the magic touch,” said Sharon.

Roger McK., Chartered Surveyor

Roger began to suffer extreme but sporadic lower back pain over five years ago which not only stopped him from doing his usual exercise workouts – going to the gym and running – but also prevented him from moving and bending properly.

He tried physiotherapy extensively, which Roger reported didn’t do much and saw three other chiropractors with limited results Eventually he found Ida’s website and booked an appointment with her.

Ida carried out some manipulations on his spine and prescribed a set of exercises and his symptoms disappeared. Over four years on, whenever he gets back pain again he goes back to see her. “She usually gives me immediate relief. If you go to a chiropractor and you don’t feel comfortable it doesn’t work. I totally trust her and if she doesn’t take the pain away when I see her – which is 85 per cent of the time – it will calm down in the next couple of days. The exercises she gives me also help activate muscles that I am not using properly so I can work out and go for runs again.”