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Lucy J., Journalist Specialising in Health Matters

“I was nineteen and full of life when I was involved in a serious car collision. I fell into a coma, suffering a major head injury, broken pelvis and collapsed lungs. My life was hanging in the balance.

“Miraculously I survived, but little attention was paid to my broken pelvis. I suffered ongoing minor back and pelvis pain, but managed to stay fit.

“In July 2009 – after two caesareans’ and a few years of carrying children – the chickens came home to roost. My pelvis became an increasing problem until it was difficult to bear. I could no longer walk far let alone run or exercise. It was difficult to sleep too. But I was determined to find a solution.
I had MRI scans, injections of painkillers into my spine, and was put on the list for back surgery. I tried Reiki, Pilates, physiotherapy yoga, chiropractors, osteopaths and hypnotism. I even travelled abroad to find help. Nothing seemed to work.
After two and a half years I discovered Ida, described to me as ‘the chiropractor for the chiropractors’. Although she was over nearly four hours from my home in Dorset, I quickly realised she was more than worth the trip.

“She looked at my muscular skeletal system in a completely different way. She explained that no matter what state my pelvis was in I could get it better. It wasn’t about spending hours in the gym building up muscles. It was about firing up muscles that had ceased to function because of damage or misuse.

“Her patience, her strict regime of daily exercises and her huge depth of knowledge led me to recovery and within months I was living life to the full again.”

Sebastian, 40, Commodity Broker

I have been using INC-health for over three years.  I suffered from a bad back for some time until I started seeing Ida and she has done miracles since.  I now have an appointment every six weeks, and it has been trouble free since.  She fits in my appointments to suit my schedule and is always full of helpful suggestions to keep my back in a healthy condition.  I wholeheartedly recommend her services and those of INC-health.

Yush K., Account Director

Yush suffered a herniated disc in his lower back after a severe fit of coughing.He said he had experienced back pain before this, which he recalled was nothing spectacular. However,he described the disc pain as“like nothing else” and it even referred down his leg.

After treatment with Ida he has now recovered. “Ida fixed me through consistent therapy and treatment over four weeks. At first she just treated me with hands-on work and eventually she gave me exercises which really helped.”

Jane L., Project Manager

“I suffered ten years of neck problems due to a compressed disc which eventually triggered shoulder tendinitis. I was living with daily pain until it became too unbearable.

“I saw a consultant who recommended steroid injections.However,after I did my research we agreed to follow a more conservative approach and I opted for physiotherapy, which only gave me a short-term improvement.

“After further research I decided to see a chiropractor. I reviewed two or three recommended via my insurers and opted for Ida Nørgaard.

“She manipulated my body all over and gave me exercises to do at home. By the third session with Ida I noticed my pain and lost mobility had almost gone. I actually felt I could come out of her clinic skipping. I got progressively better with the treatment and now I just go back every so often when I feel I need an adjustment.

“I had a successful outcome in a short space of time that has improved the quality of my life.”