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When it comes to back pain and how to deal with it, many people’s issues can be traced back to the way they sleep. If eight hours a day is spent in the same position and it’s the wrong one, this can result in a misaligned spine. It is quite a common problem, and it can quickly lead to discomfort and pain. Luckily you can get help from the best chiropractors Westminster has to offer.

Before you begin remedying your sleeping posture, it is vital to know what the best and worst ones are for your spine. Below are details of the good positions you can adopt when you sleep.

Flat on your back – Sleeping like this aids the spine to stay in line. Making sure your legs are straight and your neck isn’t stressed at an angle due to a pile of pillows.

On your side – The optimal sleeping position for your spine is to sleep on your side. However, ensure that your knees are aligned when doing this. Putting a pillow in between them will aid you to keep your pelvis in line when resting.

Unfortunately, there are people who suffer with chronic back pain and this may be due to poor sleep posture. So here are the positions to avoid:

Face down – Sleeping on your stomach can cause a number of issues. It can make your lower back compressed, whilst putting the neck in a twisted position during the night.

Legs spread – Many people who sleep with their legs spread apart find they develop serious issues with their hip joints. This in turn can lead to spinal trouble as you compensate.

One leg higher – When sleeping with one leg bent and one straight, this causes your lower back and pelvis to twist creating unnecessary stress on the spine. Another issue this position can lead to is tighter muscles.

Foetal position – This posture can cause your neck and back to curve, which in turn causes muscles to tense up.

There are many ways to help you stay in the same position when sleeping. Because people do tend to return to their default one, using rests to prop you up can work wonders. As long as there isn’t any unnecessary strain on any part of your body then you will begin to see improvements daily.

If you would like to find out more about how the improving your sleeping posture can help, get in touch with the best chiropractors Westminster has to offer. The Inc-Health team is happy to help and will provide tailored treatment solutions.