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Helpful tips for staying active and pain-free 

It’s that time of year where days starts to get shorter, colder and wetter. However, as chiropractors in Westminster, London and Kensington, we understand how important it is to keep active. Preferably, you need to get out of the house in the fresh air, but of course, a gym or even home exercises are relevant.

Exercise is highly beneficial for your physical and mental health. At the same time, though, it’s also important to remember that you need to look after your body. You don’t want to try and stay healthy and active to only end up with back pain, neck pain, hip pain, elbow pain, ankle pain or wrist pain.


Don’t Push Yourself and Stay Pain-Free

Many people take the approach of getting a task started straight away. But your body needs time to prepare. Not doing this can strain your joints and muscles, potentially resulting in injury and various pains like back pain and neck pain.

Before you start,  you need to ease into it. Gentle warm-ups are very helpful. Try some light steps on the spot or jumping jacks to get your blood flowing.

Another thing people do is forget to take regular breaks. Even if you’re focused and feel like you don’t need to stop, you will feel the effects later if you don’t. Repetitive movements aren’t great for your body. Contemplate taking a 10-minute break every hour to relax and change your movements.

 Take Care

You should always think about your health and abilities before doing a task. Doing more than you can lead to a severe injury. Speed isn’t the best approach in an activity; go slow until you find what you are capable of.

You also need to avoid bending over and reaching too much. This stains your muscles and joints, so take your time. Kneeling and lifting items correctly can help your back stay healthy and pain-free. This is the same for when you’re unable to reach something, getting a stool to help you can stop you from injuring your spine. 


Woman exercising to avoid back pain Your spine plays a huge part in your health. Even when carrying out everyday tasks, you should ensure you’re looking after yourself. Seeking chiropractic treatment is the best way to do that. We offer spinal adjustments, muscle and joint work, and lifestyle a device such as how to improve your posture. Many people find that this helps to reduce pain while increasing flexibility and range of motion.

You can schedule treatments around your busy life. When you contact us, we work with you to personalise a treatment plan. This allows you to get the most out of your visit to the chiropractor. Our service is often used as a gentle alternative to surgery and pain medications.

Inc-Health can offer treatments for a range of complaints. While we aim to reduce your pain, we may also be able to help prevent it from occurring. Contact the chiropractors London, Westminster, and Kensignton get an appointment today.