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Inc Health is a chiropractic and rehabilitation centre that provides our clients with professional services. We believe that no one should be hindered by pain, whether it is headaches, back pain, or repetitive strain injury. When they want an opinion from highly qualified and experienced chiropractors Westminster residents should visit us.

One of the most common pains our team come across is repetitive strain injury (RSI). RSI generally occurs due to a body part being overused; the repeated motions can cause damage to any soft tissue structures such as muscles, tendons or nerves. The tears in the tissue struggle to heal due to consistent use, therefore the injury and pain becomes worse over time.

Sometimes RSI resolves itself with rest and stretching, but other times it is found to require professional treatment. What’s crucial to recovery is to restore proper posture and alignment, as movement with misaligned joints can prevent recovery, resulting in further damage.

Chiropractic can improve RSI by making gentle adjustments and manual joint mobilisation in order to restore the correct alignment of the wrist, hands, arms, upper back and neck. What’s also used in treatment is deep myofasical release, used to facilitate healing in the tissue fibres. Similar to massage combined with stretching, this can be very effective. In the more focused part of treatments electric stimulation and ultrasound may be used to reduce swelling and muscle spasm.

The duration of treatment for RSI can vary. It is based on many factors such as how long the patient has suffered the pain or restricted movement. Therefore, if the RSI symptoms persist and are not resolved on their own, formal sessions may be necessary.

Inc Health can provide you with the necessary treatment for various RSI injuries. We will evaluate you and decide what the best course of action is for you, offering advice and support the whole time. With the most professional chiropractors Westminster has on your side, you can focus on recovery.