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No one should stop doing what they love the most just because of a little pain. This is a fact that we’ve taken to heart and used to shape our treatments. Employing the greatest chiropractors Westminster has, our clinic is dedicated to helping you recover in the quickest ways possible. Regardless of the pain’s severity or its origin, we will assist you to the best of our abilities.

The body of an athlete can take on vast amounts of stress. Between all the workout sessions, and the harsh nature of both practices and real games and competitions, it’s no surprise that these individuals are known to suffer from pains and aches. Unfortunately, these conditions are capable of evolving into something much more serious without the right care. As chiropractors, we make it our duty to minimise such issues. Through spinal corrections, we can aid in amplifying performance and overall recovery potential.

Asymmetry within the body is one of the most common causes of athletic injuries. This means that a side of the body differs from the other. It might be a strength imbalance, but it’s more likely to be related to flexibility and mobility. Chiropractic alterations are used to align your body correctly and massages are employed to lower tension levels, which could also be throwing everything off. This way, one section of the body won’t have to overwork just to pick up the pace for others.

Chiropractic also enables our bodies to move more freely. Once the spine is thrown out of its proper alignment, muscles either cramp up or spasm, leading to reduced motion. Resolving spinal misalignments assists in freeing up sectors of neck and back tension, enhancing mobility, and lowering pain.

A by-product of these treatments is that they can magnify in your exercise form too, particularly during overhead lifts. This is because the tight muscles will no longer be restraining you.

At Inc Health, our treatment plans are personalised in order to fit with your unique circumstances. We are known for treating sports injuries, but we can also help with the likes of repetitive strain injury and postural concerns. We are renowned for having the most approachable and supportive chiropractors Westminster patients can visit.

If chiropractic is something you think is necessary in your life, please give us a call. We will arrange an appointment and work hard to help you on the path to recovery so you can get back to your sport.