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Plenty of people are damaging their health with the way they are carrying their bags. But, following advice from some of the best chiropractors Westminster has to offer could make a huge difference in how you feel.

How Bad Can It Be?

You may not be carrying your bag in the best way or you might be holding one that is too heavy for you. A lot of people do not put two and two together because issues can manifest in a number of ways. You can experience issues including soreness the day after and big changes in your posture that last for years.

Through minute changes you can alter your habits and better your health. Our team of chiropractors can definitely help.


It might be time to invest in a decent, high quality bag. This ideally means a backpack with two padded straps. While it may be easy to sling it onto one shoulder, utilising both will help to evenly distribute the weight.

Bags that can be adjusted to your specific height and weight can also be beneficial to ensure it sits the correct way. When it comes to children, it is a necessity as it needs to be able to change as they do. The weight should be close to your back rather than hanging down.

A backpack may not always be ideal though. Therefore, if the bag in question only has one strap, be sure to change which shoulder it is on occasionally to even it out.


Do you need everything that is in your bag? It may be that you are packing for every eventuality or you never clear it out. If you take a look, you are sure to find things that are not necessary or only want on certain days. You should also be sure to put time aside to clear out things you may have collected in your bag. They may only be small, but they add up.

For All Ages

With healthcare like chiropractic, there is no need to worry. Our methods are light and gentle, yet effective. This makes it perfect for all ages and various needs. From pain relief to spinal alignments for betterment of posture, we will tailor an approach to help you as much as we can.

At inc-HEALTH we love to hear from people. For more information or to start working with the chiropractors Westminster loves, contact us today.