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All About Cracking Your Joints

The name comes from the noise made when you move a joint a certain way. Some areas of the body are more prone to cracking, like the knuckles. Some people hate even the idea of it, and others say that they’re “addicted” to doing it.

You can spend a long time to get a joint to pop without success and on other occasions it happens out of nowhere. It can offer relief from discomfort. There are a few pieces of research that suggest the noise is because of the release of gas. When it comes to the safety, there’s no definitive proof it is harmful but take care when cracking joints.

Staying Safe

When it comes to cracking your joints, take care with how far you go. When you force a joint beyond its range of motion you can hurt yourself. You should also seek help if there is pain or a lot of tension.

Never, ever get an untrained person to help you. A trained professional knows what they’re doing. When you ask someone without the proper knowledge, training and qualifications, they don’t know when to stop and can end up causing some real damage.

Let Us Help

If you are worried about the frequency of needing to crack your joints or it doesn’t feel right, why suffer? Come and see if we can help you. We take your medical history into account to determine the best course of action.

We can work with you to try and improve your range of tense or pain free motion. Our treatment is effective, safe and gentle and it also comes with our expert advice. Some people will really benefit from the exercises we give them. By working in their own time outside of the clinic they may really see a big improvement in their joint motion and overall mobility.

Get in touch with a trained professional. The aim of inc-HEALTH is to do our best to rid you of pain and discomfort to get you feeling great again. Visit the chiropractors Westminster relies on today.