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Inc-Health aims to help patients become stronger and pain free as soon as possible. As the leading chiropractors Westminster loves, we have experience dealing with a range of complaints. One such issue is growing pains felt by children. We appreciate it is a high priority to make sure that every child can grow healthy.

What Are Growing Pains?

Growing pains are caused by increased stress on the muscles and joints as a person grows. The pain is generally the strongest in the legs. While they have almost always been called growing pains, there isn’t a link between them and growth spurts. They most often occur around the ages of 3-4 then 8-12, but this doesn’t mean they can’t happen at other times.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

While they do not cause any long-term damage, it is best to try and relieve the pain. In some cases, the discomfort is a result of restricted joints – in the spine, hips or legs. As the spine connects parts of the body, a misalignment can result in stain on the limbs and joints, causing muscle problems. A chiropractor can help with this. As chiropractors, we have qualifications to treat various conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. This especially includes relieving types of pain.

There are also other benefits of visiting a chiropractor. When you child is attending school every day and sitting for long periods, the spine can suffer. Spinal alignment can improve your child’s posture, and help their mobility. This is important for both keeping active and everyday life.

We will look closely at your child’s medical history, and then design a tailored plan. The techniques that we use are gentle yet effective. An initial examination will take place before we do anything. This is to assess the potential benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Contact Inc-Health today to discuss anything regarding treatment. You will soon find out why we have a reputation for being the best chiropractors Westminster has to offer. Every time you deal with us we will offer the right advice and full support.