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What to Expect

First Consultation
New patients are asked to complete a confidential health questionnaire, including a description of symptoms. This is followed by an in-depth consultation with the chiropractor, who will ask questions about your complaint and health history. By obtaining comprehensive information, the chiropractor can establish a diagnosis and in most cases rule out more serious problems

A Chiropractor must recognise the limit of their knowledge, skills and competencies. Where appropriate when your Chiropractor identifies an or suspects an uncommon but potentially severe disorder you will be advised to seek a referral for the appropriate treatment via your GP or other medical specialists. Accordingly, both consultation and treatment are only performed with clinical justification and following the best research and clinical guidelines.

If chiropractic care does not seem suitable, you will be referred to your GP or another specialist.

No one else will be given access to your notes without your permission.

The physical examination helps establish the cause of your problem. It involves an assessment of movement patterns and which activities or positions that may give you pain. It is also geared to find what activities and positions that may relieve the pain. Palpation of joints, most commonly of the spine as well as shoulders, hips or wherever your pain may be are performed, but also of muscles in the area.
A neurologic and orthopaedic exam stresses nerves and joints further and helps give an accurate evaluation of your specific problem.

After the initial consultation and examination, you will be offered treatment. However, it may be temporarily delayed if there is a need for more information, such as imaging either an MRI or X-rays.

Gowns are made available for you to wear for examination and treatments.

Report of Findings or Treatment Plan
Once your complaint has been discussed and examined, you will be told what our assessment revealed, whether you could benefit from Chiropractic care or other care options. You will be given information about alternative ways of care. Any risk or benefits associated with Chiropractic care will also be discussed.

Before starting treatment, you will be given a clear diagnosis and told what you can expect from the therapy. However, if in the opinion of the chiropractor you would be better served with a different type of therapy, you will be advised of treatment approaches more appropriate for you. This may be treatment elsewhere entirely or in addition to a chiropractic programme, as part of an integrated whole-body approach to your health.

An essential part of getting better is your commitment to the process, so please follow any instructions and advice carefully and completely.

Should you decide to commence treatment, the aim is always to follow the best research and clinical guidelines, and treatment is only performed with clinical justification and your consent.