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One thing you will undoubtedly hear about if you visit chiropractors is the importance of good posture. It is vital to spinal health and also offers benefits in terms of reducing aches and pains, improved digestion, easier breathing and better sleeping. It is one of the areas they will focus on when offering treatment as a result.

The work on your posture does not begin and end at the chiropractic clinic though. There are numerous things you can do outside of sessions to improve your condition.

The first, and easiest, of these, is to be aware of your posture. This awareness can help you to make corrections when you feel yourself slipping into a bad position, including slumping and hunching your shoulders. To aid this you should look at healthy posture and familiarise yourself with what it feels like. You will then be able to make changes much easier.

One thing that can lead to poor posture is the pelvic tilt. This can occur for a number of reasons including as a result of injury or even out of habit. It can result in added pressure on the spine and cause pain in several areas. Luckily you can stand straight against a wall or lay flat on a floor with your knees slightly bent to roll the pelvis forward and back into the proper position. This can improve your posture a great deal.

A healthy lifestyle including getting enough exercise is vital to wellbeing. What many people can forget though is that exercising actually puts pressure on the musculoskeletal system. As a result, it is crucial you have the right posture in every single activity, whether it is cardio work or lifting heavyweights. The wrong posture when exercising can lead to injury.

At Inc Health our chiropractors work hard to help people in Westminster understand the importance of good posture and ensure they achieve it. We provide personalized treatment plans that include work both in and outside of the clinic. Ultimately this allows us to help patients get the very best results.

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