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neck pain

Most of us will experience neck pain, a problem affecting a third of adults at any given time. Fortunately, most are mechanical and relate to poor posture and function. The severity can range from being a nuisance to a major disability, but most cases can be dealt with effectively.

Neck pain may also be linked to headaches, muscle strain, jaw problems, disturbance of vision, some types of stroke, disorders affecting the arms, shoulders or hands, and wear and tear. Age, gender and genetics can also increase the risk.

People with neck pain should stay active and not expect a quick fix or a single cause – the pain is often due to a number of factors.

Chiropractic care, including specific exercises and advice on improved posture, can help ease many neck problems.

Seek emergency medical help for:
• A sudden or explosive onset of a headache associated with neck pain
• A headache and neck pain associated with fever
• The sudden onset of bowel and bladder incontinence